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Yet Another Travel Show – London and Paris

This show will also be available on DVD upon request once I’ve cleaned up the narrative (I was recovering from a cold at the time I recorded it). EDIT (January 9, 2009): The DVD is ready, and the new version … Continue reading

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Advertising: An Example

If you’ve been wondering what kind of advertising this channel is ready to accept, here’s an example of just how wild and out of control your ad can be. Unfortunately, this particular ad could never be accepted for broadcast because … Continue reading

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Broadcast Target Dates

This channel now has broadcast target dates. February 28, 2009: Internet streaming launch. March 19, 2009: Official broadcast launch. This doesn’t mean absolutely everything will be in place on day one. Instead, the goal is to launch a minimalist daily … Continue reading

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Film Schools and Intellectual Property Rights

There’s something on my mind that’s been bugging me for quite some time now. It’s well known that as a condition of enrollment, many film schools require that all students surrender the intellectual property rights of all their submitted works … Continue reading

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The Scope of the Three Rules

As I’ve mentioned in the Production page, this channel has three basic submission rules. No explicit depictions of human sexuality, No promotion of religion, No promotion of hatred. This doesn’t mean there can’t be any reasonable discussions on these subjects. … Continue reading

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