The Canadian Public ® is not just another Category 2 specialty channel available to all broadcast distribution undertakings. If your cable or DTH satellite service lacks the resources and infrastructure required to launch its own local community channel, The Canadian Public ® could become your surrogate community channel, offering a public forum where your local community can express themselves on issues that affect their daily lives.

What is The Canadian Public ®?

The Canadian Public ® will become Canada’s first national public access television channel, specializing in content created by Canadian citizens and organisations from across the country and around the world.

All Canadian citizens from all walks of life can submit their original material for broadcast consideration regardless if one is backed by a major production company, or one is an independent producer equipped with nothing more than a high definition consumer camcorder.

What’s are the channel’s advantages?

  • No Fee-for-Carriage.
  • You can offer your subscribers one more non-Canadian cable channel in their subscription package, and still respect the CRTC’s minimum 50% Canadian channel requirement.
  • Your cable company will be supporting the equivalent of a Canadian community channel without the need to build broadcast facilities or obtain federal broadcast licenses.
  • If your cable company already has a community channel, you can submit your own channel’s programming for national broadcast consideration.

What will be the basic contract terms and conditions?

Before committing to a contractual agreement, all BDUs will have a one-time opportunity to offer the channel to their subscribers for a period of thirty (30) calendar days in order to evaluate the channel’s viability on their digital cable or DTH satellite network. This offer is applicable to all BDUs regardless of their country of origin, and requires nothing more than a signed document indicating your intention to carry the channel on your BDU for no longer than thirty (30) calendar days for evaluation purposes.

Here are the basic terms and conditions of the standard distribution contract:

  • You’ll be offered the channel free of charge under the condition you offer the channel free of charge to all of your subscribers.
  • You must locate the channel within an existing block of Category 1 or Category 2 cable channels.
  • There must be no requirements for your subscribers to purchase any extra channels or theme packages in order to receive the channel.
  • You’ll have up to thirty (30) calendar days following the contract date or following the channel’s launch date to add it to your channel line-up.
  • Either party may cease carriage of The Canadian Public ® at any time sixty (60) calendar days after written notice of either party’s intent to cease carriage has been delivered to the opposing party.

By offering The Canadian Public ® free of charge, neither party will have to endure the complexities and delays of an exhaustive negotiation process for what is essentially a nationwide community access channel. The standard contract will also be made available on-line for any BDU interested in offering The Canadian Public ® to their subscribers as soon as possible.

What’s in it for me?

Fame? Glory? Prestige? Probably not.

Money? Maybe.

Depending on the distribution model you choose to adopt, your cable company might gain the capability to include its own programming during specially chosen time slots reserved for local programming. You can even sell your own advertising time during these time slots, creating a new revenue stream for your company.

Here are a few of the conditions you must accept in order to take advantage of this option.

  • In order to comply with our CRTC regulatory obligations, you must transmit a copy of your local programming to the channel’s broadcast servers including complete show information, parental guidance rating, and scheduling.
  • You may be asked to supply and maintain your own automated broadcast equipment. This equipment may consist of a mid-level personal computer and an Internet connection. We will supply you with the necessary automated broadcast software.
  • The channel’s conditions of license limits the type of advertising to national paid advertisement. Local and regional paid advertisement are not eligible for broadcast. However, there is a loophole. If a local advertiser also sells their products and/or services nationwide on the Internet, their advertising would qualify as national paid advertisement.

What’s going to be on TV?

A fascinating blend of programming including comedies, dramas, movies, variety shows, sporting events, music, animation and game shows just to name a few, all created by both professional and amateur filmmakers.

There are however three basic submission rules.

  • No sexually explicit material,
  • No promotion of religion,
  • No promotion of hate.

The rules are designed to prevent the channel from becoming a platform for pornography, fanatical religious preaching, and hate mongering. They do not in any way prevent responsible and balanced coverage of these controversial subjects of discussion.

When you combine the channel’s enormous programming flexibility with the high level of accessibility for both content producers and advertisers alike, what you have is a revolutionary concept for a national broadcast network, but without the added cost of local market broadcast antennas.

On-line video Web sites have already become a rich source of original Canadian content. It’s time to capitalize on this rich source of talent, and bring back original Canadian content on the Canadian airwaves.