The channel is still under development and will most likely not require any staff for a while. But when the day comes that The Canadian Public ® will need to hire personnel for its upcoming launch, here are a few items potential candidates should expect from our work environment.

  • Our staff requirements will be very modest. We’ll probably not need more than eight people in all to operate the entire channel.
  • Since the channel’s broadcast facilities will be entirely automated, most of the positions will be administrative or clerical in nature. Even our small production facilities will require no major set or lighting changes to prepare for each new production.
  • While each employee will be expected to master their primary field of work, employees should expect to perform certain duties which may not even be listed on their resume. For example, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to operate a studio camera even if all you’ve done in the past is hold a camcorder at a family gathering, and have never held one professionally.
  • Unless a special event demands that the staff dress formally for the occasion, the office dress code will be casual at all times. You may be asked to perform some light manual labour for the benefit of a local production team that happens to be short-handed at the time, and it could be a bit risky to perform such duties while wearing professional office attire.
  • Every employee in direct contact with the general public will be required to be fluent in both of Canada’s official languages.
  • This is a television channel. It may happen that your image is broadcast on television in a casual manner. As a consequence, all employees will be required to sign a broadcast waiver as a condition of employment.

New positions will be posted on the main page under the Employment category as they are made available.