Advertising: An Example

If you’ve been wondering what kind of advertising this channel is ready to accept, here’s an example of just how wild and out of control your ad can be.

Unfortunately, this particular ad could never be accepted for broadcast because our CRTC license only allows us to accept national paid advertisement. And regrettably, this ad qualifies as local paid advertisement.

However, if this condition of license wasn’t in place, we could have accepted the ad as long as the “weed” reference was removed since that would very likely be a violation of Canadian advertising standards, and possibly a federal offense.

And how much would it have cost Jones to advertise on our channel if he could?

As little as thirty bucks. That’s $10 per 30 second spot times three.

As long as the product you sell is legal and legitimate, and the ad doesn’t violate any advertising standards, you’re good.

Hmm. Could the “BIG ASS” part be a problem?…

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