Salon Son et Image

The Montreal Salon Son et Image will be held this weekend at the Sheraton Center in downtown Montreal from April 3 to April 5, and The Canadian Public will be there to catch all the action. And if there are enough willing participants, the 15 Second Elevator Pitch Challenge will be back with another group of finalists.

Last year, the elevator pitch challenge’s scorecard was created after everyone had made their pitches. This may not seem very fair at first, but it was only after watching all the pitches that it became possible to create a simple yet complete list of what must be included in a 15 second elevator pitch in order for it to be effective.

The technical points are as follows:

  • Presenter’s name: 10 points.
  • Company name: 20 points.
  • Product name: 15 points.
  • Product description: 15 points.
  • Finishing on time: 10 points.
  • Coordinates (www): 30 points.
  • Total: 100 points.

In order to avoid seeing most participants achieve a perfect score however, this year’s challenge will see the addition of the artistic representation scorecard, which once again will be created only after all the pitches have been viewed. At the very least, the scorecard will include basic elements such as proper attire, voice quality, enthusiasm, and creativity.

How many participants from last year will try to improve their performance this year? How many new faces will take a chance and try to pitch their products in an incredibly short amount of time? Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s the video of last year’s show.

Update: the challenge was not held this year. Finding enough participants would have diverted too much time away from other tasks, such as the recording of the Stereophile Debate, for which highlights will be included in the upcoming video on the show.

This doesn’t mean the challenge will be dropped. Far from it. Each and every video from last year’s challenge contained so many critical elements required to deliver a great elevator pitch, that I want to expand the scope of the competition to something much more elaborate.

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