The Scope of the Three Rules

As I’ve mentioned in the Production page, this channel has three basic submission rules.

  • No explicit depictions of human sexuality,
  • No promotion of religion,
  • No promotion of hatred.

This doesn’t mean there can’t be any reasonable discussions on these subjects. It simply means that your submission can’t actively promote or exploit these particular subject matters. For example, you can discuss issues related to human sexuality, but you can’t actually show anyone engaged in sexual activity.

It’s important to understand that the scope of these rules extends to paid advertising.

Recently, the Conservative party has been running advertising on Canadian radio and television in an attempt to prevent the formation of a coalition government. This coalition would be formed by the Liberal and NDP parties, with the Bloc Québecois promising not to interfere in the process or vote against the coalition government for a set amount of time.

However, considering the Bloc Québecois’ close relationship with the French Canadian population, by constantly emphasizing the “Separatist Bloc” in their ads, the Conservative party is giving the impression that French Canadians are responsible for the current political crisis. Because of this indirect and passive promotion of hatred against French Canadians, the ads would not be cleared for broadcast on this channel.

When I originally proposed my concept for a public access television channel on many public on-line forums and listed my basic rules, one individual jokingly suggested that I add “No politics” to the rules. After hearing the Conservative ads, I’m starting to wonder if I should.

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