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Selling advertising time and the channel

Recent Odds and Ends

Here are a few recent items of interest. The recent CRTC decision on Usage Based Billing or UBB definitely affects us. Essentially, UBB is a way for large incumbent telecommunications companies such as Bell to impose an abusive pay-per-usage scheme … Continue reading

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Channel Progress Report

So where do we stand today in our attempt to launch Canada’s first national public access television channel? Slowly but surely, it’s moving forward! A partnership is in the works, finding the first cable company to carry the channel is … Continue reading

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Advertising – How Far Will We Go?

Today’s television advertising is incredibly dull, dull, DULL! Boring, outdated, too long, message forgotten a split-second after the end… It’s incredibly depressing. It’s one of the major reasons I don’t even have cable at home. You heard right. I’m launching … Continue reading

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Salon Son et Image

The Montreal Salon Son et Image will be held this weekend at the Sheraton Center in downtown Montreal from April 3 to April 5, and The Canadian Public will be there to catch all the action. And if there are … Continue reading

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Advertising: An Example

If you’ve been wondering what kind of advertising this channel is ready to accept, here’s an example of just how wild and out of control your ad can be. Unfortunately, this particular ad could never be accepted for broadcast because … Continue reading

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The Scope of the Three Rules

As I’ve mentioned in the Production page, this channel has three basic submission rules. No explicit depictions of human sexuality, No promotion of religion, No promotion of hatred. This doesn’t mean there can’t be any reasonable discussions on these subjects. … Continue reading

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