Canadian Telecom Summit Reference Videos

For those at the Canadian Telecom Summit wondering about the video interventions we’ve previously submitted to the CRTC, here they are.

The Let’s Talk TV intervention:

The Basic Telecommunications Services intervention:

This video isn’t an intervention as it was created after a CRTC decision was released, but it’s the one that started the whole venture.


Bonus Material

Here’s the question I would have asked FCC chair Ajit Pai if he were present at the summit.

Yesterday, we met with your CIOs who informed us that their primary job with the FCC’s comment system is to ensure that all submitted comments are properly received and recorded. It is not their job to filter out any comments as this is a policy issue and not an information technology issue.

As chair of the FCC, you’re all about policy. Do you have any plans to deal with fake comments submitted to the FCC on the issue of Net Neutrality?

The chair’s video presentation along with a transcript can be viewed here.

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