Broadcast Target Dates

This channel now has broadcast target dates.

  • February 28, 2009: Internet streaming launch.
  • March 19, 2009: Official broadcast launch.

This doesn’t mean absolutely everything will be in place on day one. Instead, the goal is to launch a minimalist daily broadcast service (about two hours per day) in order to introduce and test out new distribution technologies. As these technologies are improved over the coming months, the length of the broadcast day will increase, and we will progress into a more conventional broadcast schedule.

The reason why the Internet streaming launch is scheduled before the official broadcast launch is very simple. Instead of distributing the channel’s broadcast signal via satellite as we originally intended, we now plan to distribute the channel’s programming to all qualified broadcast distribution undertakings (BDU) via the Internet. The delay between the Internet streaming launch and the broadcast launch will allow us to perform some debugging of the broadcast infrastructure.

We might even furnish the BDUs the necessary equipment required to receive the distribution signal, which may be in the form of a single netbook computer.

There are no guarantees these target dates will be met. But they are technically realistic considering the initial minimalist broadcast goals I have in mind, and the fact the software required to support this form of distribution is already freely available.

Besides. I’ve been on a partial sabbatical long enough. It’s time to get to work and finally launch my television channel.

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