Live Broadcast Now Available

You can now view the channel’s live broadcast on-line. Simply click on the “Watch Live!” menu option just above.

This feature will only work on Web browsers supporting the HTML5 video tag feature. The latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome should properly support this feature. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari however do not currently support the HTML5 video tag. And it might take a while before either browser manufacturer decides to provide full support considering both Microsoft and Apple already offer proprietary video streaming solutions specifically designed for their respective platforms.

You may also watch the broadcast with the VLC Media Player. Simply open a network stream to the address

A note to cable television distributors. A high bandwidth, broadcast quality version of this stream is now available upon request. The proposed codecs are Theora video with Vorbis audio, packaged in an Ogg container. All of these formats may be used in any application of your choice completely royalty-free.

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