The Channel is Launched

This day is dedicated to my late father, Jean Caron.

Broadcast streams are now available to all qualified cable providers. Please email us with your company information in order to gain access to all of the available streams.

The current broadcast system is still very much in beta mode, so don’t be surprised if occasional “crashes” are encountered for a while. The system will undergo constant improvements during the following weeks, incorporating many of the features normally found on major broadcast channels along with a few interesting surprises.

In order to properly view and process the current broadcast stream, you’ll need to download and install the VLC Media Player, and you’ll require a minimum of 4 Mbps of reliable Internet bandwidth. Integrating the stream into your distribution system however will require further research, which is why we’re asking for plenty of information on the equipment set-ups currently installed at many of the nation’s cable providers.

We would especially appreciate receiving electronic versions of your equipment’s instruction manuals if you can legally provide them. You may already possess the appropriate gear to properly interpret and process the broadcast stream in its native form, making the integration of this channel’s daily broadcast into your distribution system an almost seamless operation.

The initial streaming tests performed during the past few weeks have clearly demonstrated that this new approach to television distribution is surprisingly reliable and flexible. Even live broadcasts are a definite possibility, a feature that wasn’t initially required in the original specifications.

Is this the future of broadcast television distribution? That’s left to be determined. One thing’s for certain however. The enormous cost savings incurred by using the Internet as a distribution network instead of more traditional technologies makes it worthwhile to invest further time and money in this venture.

A great big thanks goes to all the people who have encouraged me — and who continue to encourage me — to pursue this new and exciting business venture.

Stay tuned!

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