Community Project – Automated Broadcast System

A television broadcast doesn’t just happen out of nowhere. There’s usually a huge team of people working behind the scenes all busy at putting the channel’s programming on the air. However, this channel doesn’t have the resources or personnel required to operate a typical television channel. So let’s try something radically different instead.

Let’s develop the world’s first multi-platform automated television broadcasting system specifically designed to broadcast on traditional cable and digital satellite as well as the Internet and mobile devices, all at the same time, and with as little human intervention as technically possible.

This new system will not be a Frankenstein type system where the Internet and mobile device support will be added after the traditional broadcast version has already been implemented. Instead, this new automated broadcast system will include everything already created for the traditional broadcast chain, and expand the entire concept into new media platforms such as Video-on-Demand, the Internet, mobile platforms, and any other device suitable for video playback of both live and pre-recorded content.

Some of the system’s features will include automated multi-platform media generation, IP based distribution for both broadcast distribution undertakings and the general public, discrete embedded advertising, live and deferred Web streaming as well as BitTorrent mass distribution, programming and advertising scheduling and accounting, and multi-level redundancy.

This new system will feature so many specialized components, it’s possible the entire project may be too much for any single company to handle on their own, and still manage to deliver a quality product to market. So instead, the project will require the participation of many individual companies, each fully qualified to complete the system components best suited for their field of expertise.

A preliminary technical brief (available to any corporate representative upon request) lists the main components of the system along with their basic features and requirements. A private Web site will soon be created where the project’s participants can exchange ideas, concepts and design changes as well as upload prototypes and final versions of their individual contributions.

And yes, this will become a long term revenue generating venture. But only if you participate! So if your company has worked in the field of television and Internet broadcasting in the past, and is not afraid to take a chance on a project that may have huge potential for growth, please contact me.

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