Launch Dates Change

Because of delays in finding adequate office space in downtown Montreal, the launch dates need to be pushed a few months ahead. These changes will allow more flexibility in achieving the channel’s goals. In fact, the original target dates were a bit too ambitious. But sometimes you need to push yourself harder than you should just to help keep things moving along.

Test Internet streaming: May, 2009.
Test broadcast: July, 2009.
Full Internet streaming and broadcast: October, 2009.

These are more realistic goals not only for the channel, but also for the content providers who now have the entire summer to produce their material for the upcoming fall season.

And remember. I’m trying things here that have never been tried before as well as learning how to run a business at the same time. So there’s bound to be a few glitches along the way. Even YouTube wasn’t built in a day. But look at what they’ve achieved in the four years since their preview launch of February, 2005. Truly remarkable.

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