Britain’s Got Talent 2009 Finals – Diversity Wins! (Susan Boyle Loses)

By now, the competition has been long over, and news of the outcome has spread far and wide.

My choice, Diversity, has won!

I was hoping the dance team Diversity would be the winner; they were the best act of the night and of the entire competition. I was a bit disappointed however that the other excellent dance team Flawless didn’t make it in the Top 3 as well. Those two acts really made this year’s competition shine big time. And I have no doubt that Flawless will still enjoy a decent amount of success in the coming months.

As for Susan Boyle, she did have center stage for a while, but the dream is now over. It’s time for her to go back to her real life which, based on how much the pressure was affecting her during the last few days, might be a relief. I doubt she expected such a media frenzy to form around her singing abilities. Also, she never managed to improve beyond her initial performance, while many of the other contestants simply got better over time which includes this year’s winners.

Then again, chances are we haven’t heard the last from her, or from any of the other contestants including 12 year old Callum Francis whose number “Bare Necessities” from Disney’s “The Jungle Book” performed during the fourth semi-final round should have earned him a spot in the finals. No matter. He’ll most likely find work in London’s West End theatre district very soon. It’ll definitely help pay for the £10,000 per year tuition at the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London which regrettably his parents can no longer afford.

Honorable mention goes to father-and-son duo Stavros Flatley. It’s becoming incredibly rare to find such a strong bond between father and son these days, especially with modern technology creating huge barriers between generations. And even though they didn’t win the competition, it was obvious they were both having the time of their lives out on that stage. Their return to real life will definitely be smooth sailing for both of them.

I really love this show. Unlike its American counterpart, I find the judging on the original British version to be fair and balanced even though things can get a bit nasty at times. Sometimes the audience is more hostile than the judges!

That’s the British for you. If you’re real good, they’ll cheer you all the way. If you’re bad, you’ll find out very quickly! No mercy!

Now the big question. Could such a show work in Canada? Do we have enough talent to support a show of this calibre? And how much would it cost to produce? The logistics alone must be a real nightmare.

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One Response to Britain’s Got Talent 2009 Finals – Diversity Wins! (Susan Boyle Loses)

  1. DJ MASACRE says:

    we could have a show like that. People are out there.

    with the thousands of people who just THINK they have talent alone when they really dont , is enough to make a show .. and then really you only need 5-10 actually talented people to compete 😉

    I myself i have always known to be a serious contender when it would come to dancing. Unfortunately there is no canadian dance contest shows so im out of lucky.

    I feel like I would make atleast the top 20 , top 10 at best. But I would have to train my butt off. ( the talent is all there though 😉

    a show like that would be good though. Its not just about singing, its not just about dancing, its about the way people have a TRUE talent. It takes a special kind of person to have that, + a special gift. its quite obvious the difference between that and just another regular person who thinks they are great.

    I like AGT or BGT as well because the judges are actually fair and know what they are talking about.

    Simon Cowell and the other dude may be harsh, but they have to be. They tell it how it is and are almost always right. They look at them very technically and are very critical, which you have to be to pick out the best. the other judges just try to be nice atleast until the top 20 .

    but then by then its the crowds decisions to vote, and that isnt always the best thing sometimes, as people just tend to go for popularity or prettyness and dont understand the makeup of actual talent. Theres when I start not liking the show, when the voting is put into the crowds hands, which I believe a lot of time do not know how to judge proper talent.

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