Net Neutrality Rally

On May 27, a rally was held on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to demonstrate in favour of Net Neutrality. The complete raw footage of the rally is now available on our YouTube channel in nine parts.

Net Neutrality has become an important issue recently, with Bell Canada now deliberately interfering with the Internet speed of not only its own subscribers, but also of independent ISPs using Bell’s phone lines to reach their subscriber base. This brings a dangerous precedent to Internet access in Canada. With both large cable and telco companies now deliberately interfering with basic Internet access across the country, it may not be long before these large corporations start charging extra to both subscribers and Web site operators for privileged access to the Internet. This will throw access to the Internet completely off-balance, transforming it into a two-tiered system where the information superhighway will be available only to well-off companies and individuals, leaving small Internet operators and users such as yourselves on the information “dirt road”.

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