The Fish Tank Needs Fish!

The channel needs “off-air” material which will be played continuously whenever the channel is off the air. But instead of the traditional SMPTE color bars, what I want is fish. Lots of fish. All the fish you can record on your camcorder.

Of course, there are a few rules.

  • No hurting the fish.
  • No annoying the fish.
  • No cats!

The material will be played in a continuous loop in a segment to be called “The Fish Tank”, with royalty free music playing in the background. The music will consist of pieces composed by actual people or by a computer, whichever one causes the least trouble both technically and legally.

The tank can be as small as a goldfish bowl, or as large as a public aquarium. Just put a camcorder in front of it, press “Record”, and wait for it to stop automatically. Send me your recording, and I’ll add an on-screen credit.

That’s it! Now go fishing!

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