This is a Tolerance Test

Now while this channel does have a rule against the promotion of hate, it won’t be afraid to stir up some controversy at times in order to foster some healthy discussions concerning certain topics. So I present to you all the first in a series of on-line Tolerance Tests: The Chia Obama.

(Click on any of the images to view/download the full size version)

The 80s revival rock band style hairdo was the result of putting the Chia Obama on a windowsill with its face pointed away from the window. The chias then all grew towards the light.

And what’s the secret to a healthy Chia Obama you may ask? Follow the instructions, and water it at least twice a day, more often if you possibly can. Keep those seeds moist!

So does anyone have any opinions about this? Does it have any hidden political or racial messages in it? Or is it just another gimmick that takes advantage of an individual’s celebrity status?

A thought. How would the Obama kids react to this thing if they received one as a gift? Chances are their reaction would be much different and more child-like than all the “grown-up” reactions that have sprouted all over the Internet when this thing was first announced, just before Walgreen’s pulled it from their store shelves.

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