First Official Submission Received

This channel has received its first official submission. And surprise, it’s from the United States.

The submission is “Down But Not Out”, a documentary about a day in the life of Eric “Protein” Moseley, a homeless man living on the streets of Columbia, South Carolina.

The documentary was produced, directed and Edited by Sanford Adams of ETV South Carolina, and is a high quality, professionally made piece which sticks to the facts and doesn’t try to find dozens of solutions to an ongoing problem like so many other documentaries try to accomplish.

But what’s truly remarkable about this submission is that it was submitted by Eric Moseley himself! Currently residing (so to speak) in San Francisco, he contacted me via email and sent me his DVD copy of the documentary. His access to the Internet is limited to what he can do at the public library. And yet, it was enough to find my channel and get in contact with me.

What I’m saying is this: if a homeless person from a foreign nation can make a submission to this channel with the few resources he has at his disposal, then there shouldn’t be any problems for a Canadian citizen to submit material to this channel as well.

So no more excuses. If you have something to submit, then submit it already! Here’s the contact information.

For more information on “Down But Not Out”, follow this link.

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