Show Idea – Get ‘er Done!

Reality shows. Often perceived as the scourge of prime time television.

The primary goal of the vast majority of these shows is to humiliate and demolish the self esteem of the participants. It is the complete opposite of the mandate of traditional game shows where the participants are strongly encouraged to do their best. And while it’s okay to have a few of these shows on the air (they’re still great for a few laughs and some shock value), there’s something seriously wrong with the television landscape when it seems as if half of the shows are humiliating inducing reality shows.

That’s where “Get ‘er Done!” comes in. Instead of finding the worst in a person, the show will try to bring out the best out of them. An example of an episode would be a team of part-time handy-people with limited skills being taught advanced carpentry techniques while working on a needy family’s home or even a town’s community centre. Both the participants and the viewing audience will learn simple skills that can make all the difference in any home improvement project.

An important note. This channel will not accept any television show littered with a ton of product placements, transforming the entire show into one long infomercial. This is too often the case with most fishing, wilderness and car shows. However, nothing prevents the show from being underwritten by a major corporation who gets mentioned prominently in the opening and closing credits, or during a key moment in the show. This is what I would have preferred in this season’s Discovery Channel Canada show “Canada’s Worst Handyman” where the teams went shopping at Canadian Tire, but the name of the store was never actually pronounced on the air. If the producers had taken the time to properly disclose the sponsorship of the show during the narrative, it wouldn’t have appeared as an incredibly huge product placement scheme.

What I want is full disclosure of the show’s sponsors. Don’t hide them in the background.

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