Show Idea – Letters from Home Base

I still have to approach the Canadian Armed Forces about this show idea. A lot of people like to yell out “Support our Troops”, but don’t act upon it. I want actions to speak louder than words.

This show will be produced with the cooperation of the Canadian Armed Forces. The goal is to allow members of the Armed Forces stationed overseas to create video messages to their loved ones, which will be gathered together and presented in a television show.

The content of the show along with the advertising will be strictly regulated. We will not include any video that may put the lives of military personnel and their loved ones in danger, and the advertising must be in tune with the theme of the show. Any ad that is questionable or in bad taste will be rejected outright.

All of the advertising revenue generated by the broadcast of the show will be donated to the Military Families Fund of the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency.

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