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To supplement our income, the owner of this channel does contractual software development work for his old employer. One job involved porting over the source code from the IBM Open Class Library that was included with the long discontinued IBM VisualAge C++ software development platform to the Microsoft Visual Studio software development platform.

Although the converted library is still in beta, it does work! Even under Windows 7!

And very soon, a licensed version of the converted library will be available for purchase.

However, be advised that the old IBM VisualAge C++ package had a nasty habit of breaking many basic coding rules. As a result, your legacy code might need to be adjusted to take into account such essential elements such as function prototypes, external references for global variables, and proper sequencing of class declarations.

In other words, you’ll need to modify your legacy C++ code so that it complies with established C++ coding rules.

Now we’re not suggesting you should create new software using this library, although its GUI scaling capabilities are still pretty forward thinking even to this day. But if you absolutely need to port over some old IBM VisualAge C++ developed code to the Microsoft Visual Studio platform without having to rewrite the entire code from scratch (imagine the bugs), this new library will help ease your porting nightmares as well as make your old code work properly with the latest Windows technologies.

If you’re interested in purchasing a license for this product, please contact us.

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