The Canadian Public ® will become Canada’s first national public access television channel, featuring content created by Canadian citizens and organisations from across the country and around the world. The channel’s primary goal will be to broadcast the highest amount of Canadian content ever presented on the Canadian airwaves, possibly surpassing the Canadian content levels of Canada’s existing public broadcasters.

All Canadian citizens, public and private institutions, and even local community channels will be given the opportunity to present their creations to the entire nation and to the world. As long as the contributors follow a few basic rules (no explicit sex, no hate and no religion unless presented in a documentary or public affairs piece) and use some common sense, just about any material can be submitted for national broadcast consideration, allowing the channel to present new and innovative Canadian programming to the entire nation and the world.

That means all Canadians from all walks of life can participate in this endeavour. Your current level of experience and expertise is irrelevant. Just like it’s irrelevant when you submit a video to one of those on-line video sites.

The Canadian Public ® will not purchase broadcasting rights to the submitted material. Instead, both parties will agree to a partnership where the channel will share a portion of the generated advertising revenue with the content providers. The channel will also claim no ownership or inherited broadcast rights to the provided material, ensuring the content providers will be free to pursue or abandon their endeavors with the channel while retaining full control and ownership over their original material and concepts.

The Canadian Public ® will be available free of charge to all digital cable and DTH satellite distributors under the condition they provide the channel free of charge to their subscribers. The channel will also be available free-to-air via C-band satellite, and the channel’s programming will be distributed over the Internet via the BitTorrent network.

The Canadian Public ® will also become an innovator in the sale of advertising spots. Instead of setting prices based on a show’s ratings, advertisers will battle for the available advertising spots via an on-line private auction site. Instead of the channel fixing the advertising rates based on ratings, the advertisers themselves will determine the final price of each and every advertising spot.

The Canadian Public ® is a brand new channel full of innovative and revolutionary ideas just waiting to be released upon a nationwide audience. We invite you all to become a part of this great adventure!