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Dining Room Table Reviews – Canon HF200, Sanyo VPC-TH1 Camcorder Shoot-out

In my ongoing quest to find the best camcorder suitable for the production of TV shows on the cheap, I’ve found these two. But can a $200 720p camcorder realistically compete against a $700 1080i camcorder? The final video was … Continue reading

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What happened to my files?

I screwed up. I accidentally reformatted my digital camcorder’s flash memory card. I lost all the video footage for my camcorder review. Or maybe not. As it turns out, there is an easy way to recover almost any lost files … Continue reading

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Community Project – Automated Broadcast System

A television broadcast doesn’t just happen out of nowhere. There’s usually a huge team of people working behind the scenes all busy at putting the channel’s programming on the air. However, this channel doesn’t have the resources or personnel required … Continue reading

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Show Idea – Get ‘er Done!

Reality shows. Often perceived as the scourge of prime time television. The primary goal of the vast majority of these shows is to humiliate and demolish the self esteem of the participants. It is the complete opposite of the mandate … Continue reading

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Show Idea – Ephemeral

Do you remember those movies from the fifties and sixties that were shown in school or at community events to inform (or misinform) the general public? Civil defense films, health and hygiene films, science films,  propaganda films, war department films… … Continue reading

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Advertising – How Far Will We Go?

Today’s television advertising is incredibly dull, dull, DULL! Boring, outdated, too long, message forgotten a split-second after the end… It’s incredibly depressing. It’s one of the major reasons I don’t even have cable at home. You heard right. I’m launching … Continue reading

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